Acrylic paint, inks, texture, and mediums. Resin finish on gallery-depth canvas.

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Inspired by, well, you know exactly what inspired this growing collection. Get your vaccine. Stay safe out there.

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This complementary collection couples two of Jean's favorite things.


Concrete bowls are hand-cast and hand-painted. The addition of coir fiber, in addition to a slow, wet cure, improves the strength of each bowl. 

Copper patina maps are created by applying acrylic inks to copper foil that is mounted on wood panels. The finished pieces are then resined to ensure that the copper cannot oxidize.


The Patina Maps are available at shows or directly from Jean. Smaller concrete bowls are now available in the store. Large bowls are  available at shows in the Austin area and directly from the artist. Email Jean for more information.


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Jean Synodinos photo by Valerie Fremin 2018

We live in an age of increasing specialization--the more singularly we focus our efforts, the more we will presumably be rewarded.


This message is sent to creators as well. We are often taught from a young age to specialize in painting, or acting, or writing, or music. We are taught that the pursuit of more than one creative channel is the work of dilettantes--not serious artists.


I reject creative specialization and believe that creativity comes to us in many ways, over time. Every creative itch deserves to be scratched, and our job is to learn our crafts, do the work, and get out of our own way. I paint because I woke up on June 1st, 2013 and simply knew it was time.

My work is an abstract exploration of the perfect imperfection of curves implied by nature, as well as the lines imposed upon nature by people.


Contrasts are key--through color, textured surfaces, and the addition of other media to the canvas. The majority of pieces are resined to enhance contrast, brilliance, and color.


In addition to canvases, my work in concrete seeks to be both gracefully utilitarian and ruggedly decorative.




36" X 18" acryclic glaze on textured on canvas with resin finish