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"Speeding..." Published at Every Day Fiction

I'm proud to share "Speeding Towards a Tranquil Sea" which was published online at Every Day Fiction. Here's a taste:

It's (another) coming-of-age story, and I'm not sure it would have ever found a home had it not been for the fact that a few aging billionaires have made space travel newsworthy again. But I like the story (a quick read), and I hope you do as well.

Now, a moment of full disclosure: I'm posting this shameless/not shameless self-promotional post with the date of July 30, 2021, but the truth is that I've written it on January 20, 2022. That's the kind of time travel that we get to do with a blog. It's not the kind of Vonnegut's-Billy-Pilgrim-goes-to-Tralfamadore kind of time travel, but it has its upside. It means the post will appear where it should in the timeline of When Things Generally Happened, and I'll sleep better at night.

I'd normally post such a thing near the date of its actual occurrence, but I was mourning the death of my beloved friend Wendy Ward who died on July 21, 2021 from pancreatic cancer. I will write more of Wendy when I'm able to do justice to her life, and I will date those words accurately.

Hug those you love.

P.S. - Apparently, Everyday Fiction's nifty algorithm loves to see people rate stories and leave comments. If you are so inclined, you'll find this feature below the story online.



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