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Concrete & Copper-Pigmented Resin Coasters with Resin Inlay

Concrete & Copper-Pigmented Resin Coasters with Resin Inlay


These beautiful, one-of-a-kind coasters do what few coasters do--their job!  The purpose of a coaster is to protect tables, and concrete is a perfect material for coasters. It's porous enough to soak up the condensation from iced drinks or the morning coffee that spills out of your mug. The base of each coaster features a copper-pigmented resin base that won't let any moisture soak into tabletops. Coasters are finished with small rubber bumpers to further ensure that furniture won't be damaged. 


This series of coasters features an ink-laced clear resin inlay. 


Please note: While the core design of this series of coasters remains the same, every coaster is truly one-of-a-kind. Differences between them are inevitable--and part of the beauty!


Caring for Your Coasters

These coasters are low-maintenance and easy to care for. Over time, you may find that the concrete acquires "rings"--a byproduct of minerals in the water that "sweats" out of an iced glass on a hot day. You can restore the concrete to its natural finish by scrubbing gently with just a little water and a drop of mild soap. Do *not* put coasters in the dishwasher.

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