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Hand-cast Concrete Bowl (3" diameter)

Hand-cast Concrete Bowl (3" diameter)

SKU: 03-08

Gray concrete, dark bronze interior, turquoise trim.

Every concrete bowl is one-of-a-kind, hand-cast, and hand-painted. The reflective metallic interior makes each bowl perfect for holding tea candles; they also make a perfect home for anything from guitar picks to jewelry to pistachios. The natural lines and intense colors remind many of an imaginary dragon egg. See "How These Bowls Are Made" to learn more.



  • How These Bowls Are Made

    If you're familiar with concrete, then you know it's a surprisingly delicate substance! Two steps are taken to make each bowl as resilient as possible. First, coir fiber (coconut fiber) is added to the concrete mix (a technique used in Third World countries to increase the strength of concrete in building). Second, each bowl undergoes a 4-week curing process in which they're kept wet for the first two weeks. Together, these steps increase the tensile strength of bowls.

    Water-based acrylic paints are used in the bowl's interior and rim. Because concrete is porous, each bowl requires 3-4 coats of metallic paint. While the bowls are NOT suitable for most food items, they can be used for foods with thicker skins or shells (e.g., citrus fruit, pistachios).

    Remember that concrete is delicate, and while every effort has been made to strengthen each bowl, it helps to treat these items like you would treat any breakable item--with care.

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  • Returns

    Enjoy a 30-day return policy for original art, prints, concrete items, and compact discs. Refunds are provided once products have been returned and received in good condition. Should your shipped products arrive damaged, please let us know as soon as possible to repair/replace your purchase or provide a refund. Full return/refund policy can be found at

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